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Lowering Anxiety: Making Your Meal a Wellness Ritual

A simple exercise to release anxiety by taking time to nurture yourself.

Finding a connection with Nature may feel daunting at times when we are either unable to be outside because of the weather or because we just can't for whatever reason. If you read any of my other blog posts, I extensively talked about how Nature can help us lowering and overcoming anxiety. The good news is, even if we can't be in Nature, there are ways we can bring her inside our home and through our food.

“When we eat natural and homemade foods, we bring a bit of Nature in our hearts”

If you are experiencing anxiety and are at home, in your office, workplace or wherever else, here is something you can do to lower anxiety and bring Nature near your heart.

Create Your Ritual

Think of your meals as wellness rituals, a moment to give yourself extra care and take notice of what you are eating, consciously bring awareness of goodness in the food you are eating. When cooking, bring your attention to how wholesome each ingredient is: pay attention to the smell, the texture, think about what types of nutritional values the ingredients have. For example, if preparing a salad, think about all the vitamins, the minerals and fibres contained in the leaves.

Prepare your table if you are at home, simply sit and knowledge the food in front of you if you are at work or somewhere else. If you are at home, give extra time to setting your table, thinking about all the actions involved: placing a placing mat, adding your favourite plate, your favourite glass, your favourite cutlery.

When the food is ready, bring your full attention to what you are eating. Leave your phone on the side, your TV off. Simply fill yourself with the wholesomeness of what you are eating. Thank Mother Earth for the food you are able to eat and as you eat it, think about how much good it is doing to your body right now. Make your meal your wellness ritual and fill yourself with the awareness you are caring for yourself in the present moment.

Doing this can help you lowering anxiety and bring you closer to Nature even when Nature is not physically near you.

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