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Finding Myself: A Journey Into Happiness

Loving your Entire Self and finding Happiness and Joy

Feeling incomplete, afraid, anxious, unable to fully embrace your life. These are feelings most people experience at least once in their life. The result is often a continuous search for fulfilment in relationships, work, friendships and more. The 'problem' is, one can never truly feel complete until this feeling comes from deep within the Self. None and nothing are ever going to be able to fill an existential need such as feeling at one with oneself. But how can one overcome imbalance and live with happiness? And more importantly, is this going to be achievable? The answer is YES. In this article I will tell you about my encounter with Sheela Hagan and how working with her has changed my life.

Since the death of my father when I was 14, I spent much of my time working on ways to overcome my personal inner challenges. I knew I wished to 'walk into the light' of feeling well and balanced. During many years of self development, before moving to England, I have been helped by several amazing people, who all contributed to my wellbeing in their own, unique ways. To them I will be forever grateful. This journey however has seen me dealing with great amounts of suffering and revisiting painful parts of my past, which have often left me struggling for years. I was left convinced I would have to overcome many more obstacles and endure much struggle to be able to fully 'unload' the heaviness I was feeling weighing on my heart. When I moved to the UK and discovered my path of Healing, things begun to change. Meeting Sheela showed me how my belief was not only untrue, but also the very opposite of what healing means for the Soul.

Sheela is an expert in Inner Child and Theta Healing work - amongst many other things! When I went to her for help, she boldly welcomed my request with: "Give me 6 weeks". Never before had I experienced such feeling of knowing I was about to embark on a journey which would completely change all aspects of my life, starting from the moment I said Yes.

With Sheela I learned about my Inner Child. Meeting Little Stef has allowed me to find a deep connection with myself. I did not realise just how many aspects of my life were influenced by an Inner Child who was left feeling scared and alone. I realised all my struggles originated right there. In the torment of all the emotions I was experiencing, I learned there is only one adult feeling: Love. Any other feeling, especially extreme emotional responses are the Inner Child reacting. Being able to discover and connect with this part of myself has been indispensable to be able to overcome all fear, anxieties and worries. Connecting with your Inner Child is a peaceful and loving process. It mens discovering a dialogue with Her/Him and allowing the Inner Child to feel safe. The feeling behind this is: "You are now safe and there is nothing you need to worry about!".

With this process you are able to rediscover your Adult Self and navigate through your day with confidence, love and compassion. Furthering my healing journey, with Theta Healing, Sheela helped me to remove many beliefs my subconscious had about several aspects of myself, my life and experiences. I experienced Theta Healing as one of the most powerful healing methods to find true and deep change, which has an almost immediate effect on the Spirit, Body and Mind.

Bringing this article to a close, to whoever feels alone, unnoticed, powerless, anxious or depressed, there is nothing Inner Child and Theta Healing cannot heal. The common trend is: to feel good you have to dig deep into the mud, get your hands dirty, relive all those memories you have worked hard to step away from. Healing is a profound act of love. As such, no pain is involved in the process.

If you wish to meet your Inner Child and to heal yourself in a way which allows you experience deep connection and love, I highly recommend getting in touch with Sheela. Finding yourself is a journey which brings immense amounts of happiness and joy. It is never too early or too late, it is for everybody, a gift you can give yourself right now, an act of Love towards yourself you will be forever thankful for.

Book a free Inner Child session with Sheela today to find out more:

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