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Meet Stef Allegrini

Empowering You To Realise Your Power

I'm Stef and I am a Personal Power Coach. I am on a mission to help individuals to remember and realise their power​. I do this effective because I spent years of my life doing this for myself, and can confidently help others to do the same for themselves.

Throughout my life, I have learned and experienced many healing modalities. From Energy Healing, to Reflexology, Theta Healing and more. These experiences proved to me that there is something much greater than what we are often able to perceive with our senses.

As time went on, however, I came to the conclusion that this 'greatness' is right there at our fingertips, waiting to be discovered. This infinity and infinite power is in us, and we are it! 

Using my personal journey and experience of self-healing, I have developed methods to encourage and facilitate this 'connection'. 


Re-connecting with ourselves, and experiencing this infinite Source of power within us can be just about the most empowering experience.

Realise The Power of You

A unique way to remember and discover your power with ease and grace.
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Why Naturopathy

Why Connect With Our Personal Power?

How Does It Work?

Find Confidence

Once we connect with our true Self, we often also gain new 'perspectives'. We begin to feel confidence as we connect with the power within us.

Feel Energised

Connecting with our true Self also means connecting with the infinite energy to which we are always connected.

Find Calmenss

Our trues Self holds infinite calmness. Connecting with it, can give us access to feelings of calm.

Find Answers 

We have all experienced that feeling of 'not knowing' what we should do. We might spend time looking for answers outside of ourselves, but with little satisfaction.

Connecting with our true Self, can help us find the right answers, those that truly resonate with us. 


Connecting with our true Self is the fastest way to feel 'connected'.

Feel Good

Connecting with our true Self can also help us to feel good within our bodies, and support the healing process of any dis-ease process.


“I've had reflexology several times previously, but experiencing Stef's treatment was amazing. Her touch is gentle, but firm, I felt relaxed even before she began. The hour's treatment flew by in a calming, serene and meditative way. Stef explained everything, answering my numerous questions with gentle authority. Her people skills and knowledge are exemplary. Highly recommended.”

— Sheela H.



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Bournemouth, England.

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