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Meet Stef Allegrini

Reflexotherapist, Healer
Natural Living & Happiness Coach

I'm Stef and I am a Reflexologist, a Healer and a Natural Living & Happiness Coach. I use coaching and several other gentle healing methods to support my clients in finding balance, harmony and happiness.​

I have a wealth of experience and knowledge working with the body's natural energy system. Particularly my method of work mixes Chinese Energy Medicine with Chakra Energy work, to help the body regain its natural state of health. 

I understand emotional, physical, spiritual mental wellbeing are profoundly interconnected, so I help my Clients to understand each aspect and find balance. 

If you wish to re-connect with yourself and the World around you, I would be honoured to offer my support on your beautiful journey.

Happiness For the Mind, Body and Soul.

Natural Living, Happiness Coaching and Reflexotherapy for the Mind, Body & Soul
Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why is finding balance important?

It can help with


Our gut health is directly interconnected to our emotional and mental wellbeing.  Managing our mind-frame and balancing our energy system can be life-changing. 


An overactive mind often leads to fatigue, which can be relieved with energy work and by positively managing our mind-frame. 


During times of stress, our body holds on to unnecessary toxins, which is useful to release to find balance. 


Anxiety is today's most common complaint. Anxiety can be relieved and let go of by helping the body to find balance from an emotional, mental and physical perspective. 

Energy work combined with coaching can help relieve and manage anxiety.


Sleep is vital and sleep disorders always originate from a state of imbalance. 


Contrarily to common beliefs, stress is necessary in life. The key with this is balance.


“I've had reflexology several times previously, but experiencing Stef's treatment was amazing. Her touch is gentle, but firm, I felt relaxed even before she began. The hour's treatment flew by in a calming, serene and meditative way. Stef explained everything, answering my numerous questions with gentle authority. Her people skills and knowledge are exemplary. Highly recommended.”

— Sheela H.

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